California Free Dental Clinic

Free Dental Clinic

The Peruvian American Dental Association (PADA) is proud to announce that its Free Dental Clinic was successfully accomplished on March 15,2015  in Pico Rivera, CA. During this dental clinic our patients had basic dental care like examinations,dental x-rays,fillings,extractions and cleanings free of cost to the public.

 PADA is grateful to have a group of volunteers dentists,dental hygienist and assistants for this event. Its dental team demonstrated professionalism, respect, and dedication. We will continue providing Dental Care Services to more communities in need of dental health within California. However, we need the participation of more dental professionals and the donation of more dental supplies from others companies. Any donation or collaboration is welcome!!!

 More info will be soon posted online, please follow and  like us on Facebook to be informed  of our next Free Dental Clinic in California.







Continue Education Seminar 2015

 The Peruvian American Dental Association had its Continue Education Seminar at Loma Linda University in June 28th,2015. Once again, PADA has accomplished one of its goals, which is to provide quality, affordable and accessible education to its members and all dental professionals.

As a non-profit organization, PADA organizes this type of  fundraising event  with the objective to improve and continue supporting its missions in California  and Peru, where more needed families are receiving dental treatment at no cost. We appreciate the support of all sponsors, especially those who were beyond helping us in this event like SkyDental Supplies,Bank of America,Hiossen and Dentsply.


Welcome to PADA

team.front-small-imageWhat is PADA? The Peruvian American Dental Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2006, by Peruvian dentists in the United States, whose purpose is to promote oral health among Latinos and other minority communities through education, prevention and treatment of dental illness. Since its inception, PADA has conducted annual dental missions to some of the most remote and underserved communities in Peru, providing many needy families with dental prevention, education, and treatment services.

Mobile Dental Clinic in Southern California

front-004PADA is also in the process of establishing a Mobile Dental Clinic Program and opening a Community Dental Clinic in Southern California to provide quality dental services to low income families. PADA's Community Dental Clinic will include a mentoring component for youth to pursue careers in dentistry and its allied fields. The mobile clinic also attends large community events in the Orange County area, where screenings and preventative care are performed. Our mission? To improve the oral healthcare of underserved communities in Peru and the United States.


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Huama Dental Mission 2015


The Peruvian American Dental Association’s team with the participation of local volunteers and governmental agencies had accomplished its annual mission in the city of Huama, Peru, in June 2015. This mission was conducted by Dr.Jackye Martinez and a group of volunteers. They  were able to provide dental services to a massive low-income population. Once again, PADA successfully accomplished its mission and goals.

Huama is a small city in Peru with a low-income community and insufficient dental health services. In addition, we encouraged young students to pursue the dental education as a career.



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