KidWorks set its sights on restoring at-risk neighborhoods across central Santa Ana. KidWorks is now able to serve 330 children and over 1,000 family and community members each week through tutoring, mentoring, health and fitness, leadership development, and community advocacy. We look forward to a future where we expand throughout all of central Santa Ana, impacting thousands of young lives along the way.

Peruvian Medical Society:
PAMS was founded in 1973 as a voluntary, nonprofit organization focused on obtaining and transferring health resources to underserved population in Peru. PAMS works with public and private agencies and institutions in the US and Peru, to provide medical and educational assistance. PAMS organizes several missions to 25 regions of Peru.

Chijnaya Foundation:
The Chijnaya Foundation works in partnership with rural communities in Southern Peru to design and implement self-sustaining projects in health, education, and economic development. By providing humanitarian, technical, and development assistance to communities in the Andean highlands of Southern Peru, the Foundation is able to administer grants and loans, technical expertise, and research in agriculture, health, small industry, traditional crafts, housing, and community services, all focused on improving the cultural and economic well-being of indigenous Andean people.

Peruvian Chamber of Commerce:
The Peruvian Chamber of Commerce of California is a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, founded in the City of Los Angeles on June 24, 1977; incorporated under the Corporation Law of California on October 17th, 1980. The main purpose of our institution is to promote trade and friendship between the country of Peru and the State of California. During the past few years the PCCC has signed several "mutual benefit agreements" with Peruvian institutions and trade organizations in California. All of us can be proud of taking part in this organization's efforts and we would like to thank you for your patronage.

Idaho Condor Foundation:
Founded in 2008, Idaho Condor Humanitarian Services is composed of a diverse makeup of individuals on all levels of its structure. With the majority of its members regionally located in eastern Idaho, Idaho Condor’s membership is open to individuals nationwide. Idaho Condor is primarily involved in health based humanitarian efforts in South America. Each spring volunteers with Idaho Condor travel to Peru on various types of humanitarian expeditions.

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