Peru Dental Missions

Help support a dental mission to Peru.

We know that low-income populations and those in extreme poverty, such as rural communities, are often neglected by government authorities, this puts them at risk in the face of a complexity of factors that threaten their health.

PADA contributes to alleviating this situation by developing dental care campaigns where we carry out timely treatments at the same time as we give them preventive information, to prevent the advancement and appearance of more serious complications, thus reducing the need for more complex treatments.

We at PADA share our desire to serve, so to date we have carried out several dental missions in which we have traveled to very remote areas of Peru, reaching communities with poverty in order to serve them.

  • 2013 – Huama, Peru
  • 2011 – Puno, Peru
  • 2010 – Calca, Peru
  • 2008 – Caraz, Peru
  • 2007 – Cuzco, Peru
  • 2007 – Ayacucho, Peru
  • 2006 – Ayacucho, Peru
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