Enjoy the collective effort, become a volunteer

PADA would love to have you volunteer your talents. Most non-profits can keep going because of their dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.

PADA Volunteering is focused on strengthening programs to help minority communities, through the contribution of professionals, collaborators and people from different places, who can donate their time and talent in various activities.

The satisfaction of carrying out actions in favour of a community is a rewarding experience for any supportive person, which also strengthens their capacities while improving the environment and the quality of life of thousands of people.

El trabajo en equipo a través del esfuerzo voluntario, genera una dinámica de trabajo diferente a cualquier ambiente de trabajo formal; pues las estructuras son horizontales y prima la voluntad de aportar sin esperar nada más a cambio que un entorno más sano y personas más felices día tras día.

How can I join the volunteer program?

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